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Help for New Nurses

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Are You a Life Saver?

November 11, 2015

As a nurse, lives are constantly placed in your caring hands. When faced with a time-sensitive emergency, do you have the confidence it takes to save a life? A patient in cardiac arrest has only four minutes until brain damage begins to occur. If your patient is brought to you having already been in cardiac arrest for a substantial amount of time, you must be equipped with the knowledge to ensure your CPR abilities are up to task.

You may see many cardiac arrest victims arrive when working in a hospital, surrounded by equipment and colleagues. However, you must be prepared for an emergency, as cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time. If a critical situation occurs in public, you have the advantage of being a nurse. Unfortunately, over time, simple facts learned in medical training years prior begin to fade. Refresh your memory with these quick and easy facts to become a better life saver now.

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Congratulations! You graduated nursing school…Now what?

November 25, 2012

So there I was finally finished with nursing school, easy street, I thought. I mean I had everything going for me, critical care experience as a paramedic, plenty of extra certificates, and contacts in high places. I even had the manager of a clinic in which I worked previously as a lab technician guarantee me a position as soon as my classes ended. Upon graduation, I immediately printed out the papers from the New York State Health Department allowing for a provisional licence until my NCLEX test date. I figured I would be working the next day. read more …

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