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Help for New Nurses

Tag: DNI.ethical considerations

Ethical Issues New Nurses May Want to Become Familiar With.

July 8, 2013

Tina is gasping. Her mother and daughter are by her side. They see the horror and exhaustion in her eyes as she struggles along not because she wants to but because of anxiety, confusion, and force of habit. Tina suffers from ALS, a degenerative disease, and is now in the last stage of the disease. She signed a do not resuscitate/do not intubate document (DNR/DNI) which allowed her to forego the futility of dragging on the inevitable. You are the hospice nurse on site. The family is begging you to do something to alleviate her pain. Included in the medical options available to you is a PRN order for an antispasmodic/paralytic agent.

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