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Help for New Nurses

How to know that nursing is your calling?

November 18, 2014

Remember the time you were admitted in a hospital? Who was the first person to attend to you? The person who waited with you till the doctor came? It’s the same person who was there to hold your hands, when you got injection in middle of the night. Yes, it was a nurse who took care you. Do you see yourself as doing something to similar nature in the future? If the answer is yes, know that irrespective of what salaries and perks you will get, nursing is not an easy task. If you too are one of those who have heard glorious things about the work, but are still unsure if that is you, this article might help in deciding. Here are a few things that nurses do every day, let’s see if you can do them too.

Spending 4 crucial years of your life in studying for a degree in Nursing, is not an intelligent thing if you are only considering the financial incentives plus a chance to show care to people as the factors. Before you invest your time and money into the course, know the things that you might have to face and be sure that you are ready for them.

In these years of nursing program various medical things and practices are taught, which are used on the patients in real life by the nurses. In the final or the third year, practical knowledge is given, through internships. While, every medical related to the job is taught in the 2-3 years, the other aspects related to nurture is not explained, and only that plays the most important part of the nursing career.

Various qualities which are mostly present globally in a nurse are in built, such as nurturing and patience; and many of them can be developed with time. Some considerations of a nurse’s daily life are mentioned below. Go for nursing only if you are sure that you can do them:

1. Are You a Details Person? - As a practicing nurse, you should be able to have all of the small information in mind. From the assessments of patients plus the small signs of their health, if has altered for the good or worse, instructions from the doctor etc. a nurse have to keep record of multiple information at the real time.

2. Are You a People Person? – The important question is, is it possible for you to care and respect all various types of people irrespective of the size, age, gender or economic stability? Know that not everybody that visits a hospital or the doctor’s room will be the kind of person you frequently interact with in your life.

In fact, not everybody you interact with will be good, too. Nurses have and do receive a lot of verbal abuse from the patients and the family members. That might not be planned, but whenever someone is sick or in pain, they are mostly unpleasant to those near them.

3. Do You Handle Your Time Efficiently? - If you have ever visited a hospital you might have seen just how occupied the nurses always are. Multiple hospitals are poorly staffed, making the nurses over worked. That means you might go hours sans eating or using the restroom. Being efficient to prioritize the job is an important attribute. Knowing the urgency and what can be delayed, will save you from exploiting valuable time.

4. Are You a Team Worker? - Healthcare industry is a group work, but having mentioned this, the doctor is the leader. You will have to be capable of working with lab technicians, related nurses, and patient’s family members, other staff in the hospital, and in the end the doctor responsible for the case.
At times, these relationships can get difficult when there is a worrying situation. You may not agree with the instructions arranged by the physician. You will have to learn the skills to bear with various points and working methods, at the same time.

5. Do You Make People Comfortable? - The prime part of your Nursing job is to make people comfortable. Patients can become extremely scared and embarrassed from various medical procedures. In such times, only you can make them feel at home. A lot of patience and consideration will be needed at your part to handle this role effectively.

After everything is said and done, it is a great career, but it also carries huge responsibility. It is important to know all aspects of the work from the better, the worse, and the ugly. If you think this is your calling, enroll into a nursing degree program without further ado.

Tripti Rai writes on the behalf of, she advises students on right career choices, exam advices, educational institutions etc. Along with education, she also likes to talk about real estate whenever she gets a chance.

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