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8 Brilliant Ways For Nurses To Find Positivity at Work

August 2, 2014

The hard work of nurses is often ignored whenever the well-being of patients is discussed. Though nurses cannot treat and cure the patients like doctors do, but it is unfair to ignore the efforts that nurses put in for maintaining the hygiene and medicine schedules of their patients. Needless to say, nurses are the ones who stay up all night for their patients and take care of them round the clock. Being a nurse, you would understand that it is not only people outside your nursing community that are critical to your job. In order to survive, you will need to fight a battle with your co-workers as well. Fighting a constant battle along with the work load may make you feel low at times. So, take a look at the following few tips to stay positive at workplace:

1. Be Polite - Politeness is the golden principle to practice nursing. Politeness does not only enable you to work efficiently with patients but it is also essential to maintain your reputation among other nursing staff. There are very slim chances of you getting in any trouble if you are polite even when you are bombarded with harsh arguments.

2. Believe In Yourself - It is the most basic and essential aspect of your job description. Believe in yourself, remind yourself what you are capable of and never let your co-workers make you feel low. Give your 100% at work, and be confident about your performance. Self-confidence not only helps you improve your performance, but it also enables you to stay positive.

3. Ignore Negative Comments - It is essential to ignore all negative comments and remarks if you want to maintain your complete focus on work. As a matter of fact, you may also get negative comments by the patients or their attendants while you are working in a hospital. But, try to make yourself understand that those people are in difficult time, and their mood swings are natural. Do not stress yourself out by such comments as long as you know that you are doing your duty efficiently.

4. Laugh As Much As You Can - Laughing and smiling when you are talking to your patients and co-workers does not only build a good reputation but it also makes you feel good and relaxed at work. Strike a conversation with the patients while giving them the medicines, and crack a joke or two to make the environment friendly. Laughing is good for health and also helps you stay positive at work.

5. Take Care Of Yourself - It is very essential to get proper rest if you want to stay positive at your work. Doing long shifts at hospital may get you tired by the end of the day, but the important thing is to pay attention to your health and rest in order to get yourself ready for the next day. If you are deprived of sleep or not getting enough food, you will automatically feel tired and exhausted in the next morning. And therefore, you will feel frustrated with your work.

6. Avoid Nurse Politics - There are nurses who love to indulge in politics to gain undue advantages. Remember that instead of getting you benefits, politics is going to make your day at work more stressful. Try your best to stay away from politics, and concentrate on your duties only for a positive and happy day at work.

7. Give Yourself A Break - Shifts might get hectic, and you may not get enough time to catch a breath. Working continuously without a break will make you feel tired and exhausted much earlier than your shift’s end. In order to stay positive and work efficiently, take short breaks. Eat lunch, have a cup of coffee, take a quick nap or catch up with a co-worker to refresh your mind.

8. Learn From Your Mistakes - Learning lessons from your mistakes helps you stay positive at work. If you ever make a mistake, do not punish yourself for it. Instead, try to fix the mistake and avoid it in future at all costs.

About the Author: The above content is written by Andrew Alpert, A professional blogger from London UK providing assignment writing help to UK students online.

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