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Help for New Nurses


December 2012
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Schedule

December 29, 2012   

Personally, I love the night shift. I don’t like dealing with administration or scheduled activities, and holding hands with friends and relatives is not my cup of tea. I come in, do my job in a quite serene atmosphere, and leave before the drama of the day starts. On the other hand, a friend of mine who works the day-shift tells me the opposite works for her. She is a people person who doesn’t mind the hustle and bustle of read more …

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Interview with a Homecare & Group Home Nurse

December 23, 2012   

Hi Nachama, thank you for taking time out for this interview. Can you describe to us your experience as a new grad in home service? How did you pick up your skills? Tell us about the ins and outs of your job.
Group Home Care
So my first nursing job, I wanted anything because I needed money. I figured I would take any nursing job, continue to look and drop it once I found something else. I met up with a friend who said that the place that she works (a group home), needed nurses. I Told her I was interested read more …

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My First Nursing Job

December 11, 2012   

I was on cloud nine. A supervisor was behind my every move. I couldn’t make a mistake if I tried. I was confident and prepared. And to top it all off, I had all the skills I needed already sharpened from previous healthcare jobs.

After three days I was cleared to work with my own patients. My first night shift I worked with a nurse who had no patience for me and complained about me to the supervisor so that she could get another nurse to join our floor. Complaining about the new nurse is an easy way to get extra help. After that read more …

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Breaking in to the Nursing Field

December 4, 2012   

Sweaty palms, a rising heart rate, and an overwhelming feeling of pending doom, these were just some of the feelings racing through my veins as I began my new career. I can’t speak for all nursing programs, but I never felt in school like I was actually the nurse in charge. I always had someone watching me, someone that I could blame if I messed up. That net protected me throughout school and during training. I took it for granted that by the time I was done training, taking charge would not be an issue. NOT TRUE! read more …

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